1. Location
  2. Booking
  3. Amendments
  4. Travel documents
  5. Formalities to comply on arrival
  6. Number of people
  7. Arrival and departure
  8. House cleaning and garden manteinance
  9. Cancellation
  10. Complaints
  11. Jurisdiction
  12. Responsability of Agricola Montescosso
  13. Insurance


The location is concluded according to the price list. These prices are valid for the indicated period; if, for any reason, the prices will change, Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. will reserve the right to modify them.

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Bookings are made through Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. We would advise to contact us first by telephone or fax or e-mail, in order to ensure that the accommodation for the required period is available. At time of booking, a 30% deposit of the total amount has to be paid. The balance has to be paid 45 days before the date of arrival. For bookings made within 45 days before the date of arrival, the total amount has to be paid at time of booking. Payments have to be made by bank transfer to:

Name: Agricola Montescosso di Gino Magnini & C. S.R.L.
Address: Via Fratelli Calvi 2/G - 24122 Bergamo, Italy
Bank: Unicredit Banca - Bergamo
IBAN: IT96K0200811110000003072239
Bank Account Number: 000003072239

Upon receipt of the balance, Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. will send the accommodation voucher where all the accommadation details and the services booked will be specified, toghether with a map with travelling instructions to reach the property.

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Amendments of dates can be made, if possible, and they have to be agreed with Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. at least 45 days before the date of arrival, either by fax or e-mail.

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Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. will accept no liability for any illegal, expired or non valid documents (passaport, Visa, medical certificate, vaccination) which might be the motive for cancellation or curtailment of the client's journey or holiday.

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On arrival at the property, all clients must show the owner their Passport or Identity Card together with the accommodation voucher in order to fullfil all the legislative formalities. When client receives the keys of the accommodation booked, he/she has to pay a security deposit in Euro, as mentioned in the price list. This amount will be refunded at time of departure previous deductions of damages caused to the accommodation or/and extra costs not included in the rental price and mentioned in the price list and in the accommodation voucher. THE OWNER CAN REFUSE CLIENT ENTRACE IN THE ACCOMMODATION IF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT IS NOT PAID.

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Only the people whose name or number appears on the accommodation voucher are allowed to lodge in the accommodation reserved. The total number of guests, (adults and children), must not be more than the number indicated on the voucher: extra beds and cradles can be arranged only if asked in advance. Any substitution of person, during the stay, is forbidden, without previous request to Agricola Montescosso S.R.L.

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All bookings are from Saturday to Saturday, with a minimum stay of one week. Arrival: between 15.00 and 19.00. Departure: between 8.00 and 11.00. Different arrival and departure times must be arranged in advance with Aricola Montescosso S.R.L.

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The accomodation is given to guests cleaned and in order and we ask the clients to leave the accommodation as they found it on arrival. Rubbish must be removed by the clients, both during the stay and on departure. If not, Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. may deduct from the security deposit up to € 30,00 for additional cleaning costs.

The owner, or caretaker, has the right to enter in the property to do maintenance, gardening jobs and pool cleaning.

During summer, cleaning of the pool will take place on Saturdays, and any additional operation must be asked directly to Agricola Montescosso S.R.L.

In case of long stays (inclusive of an additional free cleaning), the client should agree with Agricola Montescosso on an exact date and time for its accomplishment.

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In the event of cancellation charges are:

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The client may check the inventory and the accommodation and make any observation within 24 hours from arrival. In the event of a complaint, the client has to inform Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. immediately by telephone first and then in writing within 2 days. No reimbursement will be made by Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. for a late start or a curtailment of the holiday. The client could be substituted by a different person, previous communication to Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. and its confirmation at least 7 days before the start of the holiday. For all complaints made later then 20 days from the end of the holiday, client will have no rights of being reimbursed.

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In the event of a lawsuit or further complaints the Law Court of Bergamo will be the only place of jurisdiction.

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In case of major forces or events beyond Agricola Montescosso's control that may cause the unavailability of the accommodation reserved, Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. reserves the right to change the accommodation with one of a similar standard, with the clients approval. If this is not possible, Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. and the client may breach the contract and Agricola Montescosso S.R.L. will refund the total amount paied by the client. The client will have no right to ask further reimbursement.

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Agricola Montescosso di Magnini Gino & C. S.R.L. is insured for liability according to current laws with INA ASSITALIA contract nr. 094 00460590/226379.

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